iFrame Video Converter, Convert iFrame video file to Quicktime, iTunes, iMovie, FCE, FCP, iDVD, iPad, iPod

What is iFrame video format?

iFrame Video Converter, Convert iFrame video files iFrame is a digital video format designed by Apple to speed up importing and editing in iMovie’09 and iMovie’11. It is based on industry standards, such as H.264, AAC, MP4, and QuickTime, so iFrame can be used with compatible Mac and PC applications, and the video frame size is 960×540 30fps.

As we all know, Apple video editing software like Final Cut Pro and iMovie have required conversion of video from its original format into intermediate format such as ProRes 422 or AIC for editing. But with iFrame, such conversion is no longer needed starting from iMovie’09.

iFrame will keep the video content same as in your camera while editing in iMovie. Setting a digital video camera to record in the iFrame video format can result in optimized performance in iMovie’09 and iMovie’11, so importing camera video is fast and file sizes are small.

About iFrame video converter

iFrame video converter is a useful yet easy-to-use software for camera or camcorder users to convert iFrame video files to other video types. You can download the windows version or Mac version that’s compatible with your computer.

Download Pavtube video converter for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Download Pavtube video converter for Mac Lion/Snow Leopard

What iFrame video converter benefits you?
Support input various file types except iFrame video
The software supports diverse video and audio formats including AVI, DIVX, WMV, WAV, MOV, MP4, MPG, DAT, FLV, VOB, TOD, MOD, MP3, OGG, etc.

Output video formats for player/editor/devices
You can use iFrame video converter changing iFrame video to Quicktime, iTunes, iMovie, FCE, FCP, iDVD, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Xbox, Motorola, HTC, Samsung Galaxy series, etc.

Fast iFrame conversion speed
This app adopts Multitask and Multithreaded coding technology which can make full use of Multi-Core CPU to tremendously speed up the conversion process, up to two times faster than other similar programs.

Trim and crop video
“Trim” video means you can trim off any unwanted part of a video. “Crop” video refers to you cut off unwanted part of the screen, such as removing the black edges on top and bottom of a video.

Split selected video file
Using the Split function, you can split the selected video file into required video clips by specifying the clip quantity, duration time and file size.

Add text, image, and video watermark
iFrame video converter enables you to add different watermarks to your video file, including text, image (including GIF), and video watermark, so you are ready to get a picture-in-picture effect on your video.

Free to try iFrame video converter, and find more useful features.

Convert iFrame video files iFrame Video Converter

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