How to transfer your information to a Mac from a Mac, PC, or disk

If you didn’t transfer your information to your Mac when you first set it up, you can use Migration Assistant to transfer your information at any time. For example, using Migration Assistant, you can transfer your user account “including all your pictures, music, and files” from a Mac or PC to your new Mac. You can also transfer information to a Mac from a disk or a Time Machine backup.

Transfer information from a Mac

You can transfer information using a FireWire cable that’s connected to the two computers, or over a wired or wireless network. To transfer information using a FireWire cable, you need to use “target disk mode” and then follow the steps in this help topic to transfer information from a Time Machine backup or other disk. For more information about target disk mode, see this help topic:

To transfer information over a wired or wireless network, make sure your computers are connected to the same network.

Open Migration Assistant (in the Utilities folder in Launchpad).

Open Migration Assistant

When you’re asked how you want to transfer your information, select “From another Mac, Time Machine backup, or other disk.”

Select “From another Mac,” and then follow the onscreen instructions.

When you get to the “Select Items to Migrate” pane, select the information you want to transfer.

  • To transfer user accounts, which include all of the user’s pictures, movies, music, documents, downloads, email messages, contacts, and calendars, select the checkbox next to the user’s name.
  • To transfer your applications, select the Applications checkbox. Any applications that are incompatible with the Mac you’re transferring information to, or that have newer versions installed on the Mac, may not be transferred or may not be usable.
  • To transfer your computer settings (for example, your desktop picture and screen saver settings), select the Computer checkbox (in Settings).

Click Continue to begin the transfer.

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