How to use Apple ProRes in Avid editing suite

Apple ProRes is a video file format commonly used by high-definition video cameras when being imported into Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is a Mac only video editing software. If you have the Apple ProRes files and you want to use the contents in an Avid editing suite, it is possible to import the file contents. When doing so, the video editor converts the ProRes information into the Avid-based file format.

How to use Apple ProRes in Avid editing suite

How to use Apple Pro Res in Avid

1 Open Avid. Make sure the USB dongle is inserted into a USB port on the computer, otherwise Avid is not going to load.

2 Choose a project you wish to import the video files to, or select to create a new project (you are given this option when Avid first loads). Click “OK” and either the new project or the current project loads onto the screen.

3 Click the bin window you want to import the ProRes files into, then choose “Import” from the pull-down window. Doing this loads a search window onto the screen.

4 Select the Apple ProRes files you want to import and click “OK.” Avid now begins to convert the files to the Avid-based format. Depending on the size and length of the files this process may take several minutes to complete.

5 Click “File” and “Save Bins As” to save the project once the files have finished uploading to the Avid system.

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