iPod, Enjoy music, videos on iPod

The iPod has come a long way since the introduction of the original 5GB model more than five years ago. The timeline of subsequent iPod releases reads like a royal family tree, with some branches that have stayed true to the original iPod form iPod Classic, some that have made evolutionary leaps iPod Touch, and some that withered away iPod Mini.

Despite the many changes over the years, the iPod has never failed to dominate the MP3 player landscape. Apple's early and unflinching devotion to high-quality hardware and software design, along with its popular iTunes media software, online store, and army of third-party accessory manufacturers, have made the iPod an unbeatable product year after year.

The latest iPod lineup offers something for everyone, and includes the fourth-generation iPod Touch, sixth-generation iPod Nano, third-generation iPod Classic, and fourth-generation iPod Shuffle. This time around, Apple really went back to the drawing board with its iPod Nano design, throwing out the time-tested click wheel interface for a miniature touch screen.