Create Shortcut to website On Your Desktop

I have created a shortcut on the desktop for my son to access his favorite website. The problem is that Windows is not opening Firefox like it is supposed to. Upon double-clicking the shortcut, Windows informs me that there is no program associated with the file. I have gone into ¡°Folder Options -> File Types¡± and associated .url extension with the command line that opens Firefox. Am I missing something?

When you have a file or a website that you visit extremely often, sometimes it is easier to create a shortcut on your desktop rather than always looking for it. I am using IE 6.0 so I know this works for me. Go to tools/internet options/advanced/and scroll down and disable “reuse windows for launching shorcuts”. Click apply and okay. Close IE and reopen and try again.

I was wondering if there was a keyboard shortcut (ex some combination of keys) that would open a new tab in Internet Explorer. I used to have a little “button” that said ‘new tab’ or sth but for some reason it just disappeared… Any ideas how to put it back on?

Right Click On Desktop

Place you cursor on an empty part of your desktop.
Right click and select: New  > Shortcut
A shortcut wizard will open up.

Create Shortcut to website On Your Desktop

Enter Shortcut Destination

Enter the destination to the shortcut you want to create. If the destination is a website, simply enter the URL of the website or page.

Create Shortcut to website On Your Desktop

Type a Name for the Shortcut

  1. Type in a name for the shortcut that will help you remember what it is for.
  2. Once you have entered the new name, click finish.

Create Shortcut to website On Your Desktop
Use The New Shortcut On Your Desktop!

You are already done! That’s all there is to it! Now when you want to bring up the site you visit frequently you can simply double click on the new shortcut on your desktop!

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