How to Lock iPad Rotation of Display

The screen rotate lock is now a mute switch. How do I lock my screen now? I work a lot on my lap and I am getting seasick.  On many iPad applications, when you rotate your iPad, the display will rotate from portrait to landscape mode or vice versa.

First, in order to lock the screen rotation on the iPad you need to decide in which configuration (portrait or landscape) you would like to lock the screen. Hold the iPad in whichever configuration you wish to lock it in. In general this is a good feature. However, once in a while (say if you typically set your iPad down on a side table), you might find that the iPad rotates your display even though you do not want it to.

You can lock rotation by overriding the functionality of the side switch. The side switch, is the switch on the right side of your iPad that has a up and down position. This switch typically is used to mute alerts and notifications. We override this function by going into “Settings -> General” and checkmarking “Lock Rotation” as shown below.

Lock iPad Rotation of Display

Now when the side switch is down (such that the red dot on the switch is visible), your iPad will not rotate display.  If you want it to start rotating display again, switch the side switch to up.

Next, locate the screen rotation lock switch. This is directly above the volume controls on the right hand side of the iPad. You can tell that locked rotation is enabled when you see the locked icon in the top status bar.

Lock iPad Rotation of Display

The iPad ships from the factory with a beautiful high-definition screen that can be used for just about everything. From movies to surfing the web, the screen’s large size makes the device very versatile. And just as with the iPhone or iPod Touch, as you rotate the device the screen image will rotate to accomodate the new position.

Switch the screen rotation lock button to the down & locked position to prevent the screen from rotating with the iPad. You will see a lock icon at the top of the screen indicating the screen orientation is locked.

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