How to Save As in Mac OS X Lion with an Export Shortcut

OS X Lion ditched the longstanding “Save As” feature, something that many Mac users have become accustomed to using over the years. Removing “Save As” is a major failure of Lion.  Worked as described with Pages, but not with Textedit! Export is significantly better than Duplicate, but it doesn’t preserve the document state the same way Save As did.

Save As in Mac OS X Lion with an Export Shortcut

Replacing “Save As” are two different features, Duplicate and Export, neither of which work quite the same, and neither of which are attached to a keyboard shortcut, but we can create our own keyboard shortcut to mimmic the old behavior of “Save As” so that when you hit Command+Shift+S, a Save (Export) dialog will appear:

  1. Open “System Preferences” from the  Apple menu and click on “Keyboard”
  2. Click the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab and then choose “Application Shortcuts” from the list
  3. Now click the + plus icon to add a new shortcut accessible to All Applications
  4. Type the Menu Title exactly as “Export­” with the three periods
  5. Click the “Keyboard Shortcut” box and hit Command+Shift+S
  6. Click “Add” and close out of preferences

Open a file in any application and try out your new “Save As” (Export As) shortcut by hitting Command+Shift+S. No it doesn’t work exactly like the old “Save As”, but neither does the Duplicate command.

Save As in Mac OS X Lion with an Export Shortcut

Because textedit does not have “Export¡” as a menu item. It has “Export as PDF” as a menu item. Makes sense why it does not work. Has to be exactly, “Export” As specified in Keyboard shortcuts. I think the reason others are recommending Duplicate instead of Export is because Export changes in some apps whereas Duplicate is consistent, thus Export will break sometimes.

This tip aims to improve on some of the suggestions that have recently picked up steam on the Apple-centric web, where some people favor macro hacks or the same shortcut but related to the “Duplicate” function instead. This certainly works, but anything tied to the “Duplicate” function requires an additional step to save a document, rather than “Export” which brings you directly to a familiar “Save As” dialog box.

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