Nokia’s Futuristic Flexible Concept Phones

We barely recovered from Nokia’s futuristic concept buffet at Nokia World, but a new video has unearthed the deceptively named Humanform. Fortunately not shaped like a dolly, this teardrop device cooked up Nokia’s in-house labs supposedly uses some as-yet unexplained nanotechnology, with a bendable transparent display and a fully touch sensitive casing. The segmented design also channels some Wiimote-esque gesture features and twist controls seen on the phone behemoth’s Kinetic Device. An inert Humanform shell was also on show alongside it last month, although it didn’t do much aside from bending. See if you agree with Nokia’s vision of the mobile future after the break.

At the recent Nokia World event in London, the company showed off a prototype of a handset with a flexible screen, which allowed it to be used in several interesting ways. Now, a new video has hit the net showcasing the future of flexible phones according to Nokia.

Nokia’s Futuristic Flexible Concept Phones

Called the HumanForm, this concept phone has a strange elliptical shape and is completely flexible, letting you twist it around however you want. The whole phone acts like a transparent touchscreen, which means pressing any part of it will let you operate it.

The Lumia 800, the top of Nokia’s two new devices running WP7, is actually not brand new hardware. It’s a modified version of the Nokia N9, a device announced in June of this year, running MeeGo Harmattan. In fact, it has had several items removed from it, including the front-facing camera and full pentaband support.

While we still marvel at the concept of bendy phones and ones that are transparent, it’s time to welcome a genre that twists and can be easily manipulated to fit your ergonomic form. HumanForm is a an project by Nokia Design and Nokia Research Center and explores the promise of nanotechnology and emotional interactions in a dynamically flexible device that goes beyond being just another touch screen. It features voice communication where technology is invisible and intuition takes over! The following video explains it all.

The HumanForm phone also lends insight into Nokia’s focus on using nanotechnology to enhance user experience. It claims to be able to realise a caller’s moods and change the ringtone accordingly. But of course, the focus of the video remains on the flexible screen technology and its interactions, such as twisting the screen to zoom in and out.

We don’t really expect this one to be available any time soon, but hey, it’s always cool to see what the future holds, right?


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