Smart Playlists On Touch Don’t Match iTunes

Since I’ve purchased iTunes Match, I thought it would also be great to turn the service on my iPod Touch, which I use to work out with. Upon turning on the service, I knew all of my media would be deleted and redownloaded, which I was okay with. I knew this would also include my playlists.

However, since everything has been put back into place, I haven’t been able to sync, wirelessly, my playlists to my iPod Touch. There isn’t the option to wirelessly sync playlists, or even to sync playlists across devices… or at least this seems like it to me.

Am I missing something, or is this a “bug”/”feature”/something forgotten by Apple?

This is one of the drawbacks, in my opinion, of having iTunes Match enabled on iDevices. It is a “feature” that it is no longer possible to sync. All the music is now managed directly on the iDevice, instead of from iTunes. From the device, I deleted a playlist using “swipe” delete and it deleted it not only from the device but it synced it back to my imac and deleted it from the mac (and hence, on every other device/cloud as well).  I’m afraid if I do that with individual songs it would do the same thing as well.

It is supposed to transfer playlists over via the cloud.  Seems to work pretty good for regular playlists but smart playlists are a total mess. So, there isn’t any playlist matching through iTunes Match either… that’s disappointing.

Same behavior here. So I have also turned off and left off iTunes Match on my phone. Would like to see this stuff get cleared up! The funny thing is even with iTunes match off on phone when I click on artists, songs etc all the cloud icons are still on phone even the download options.  Hope someone can figure this out.

Can’t seem to get playlists to sync at all. Anyone know of a fix for that? They just don’t show up at all. Any smart playlist that has a number limit doesn’t really work. And for the record, I miss being able to just do a sync (wired or wireless) once Match is activated.

I’ve got some smart playlists, that are not number limited, that I’m not having a problem with. It’s just the ones that are supposed to only have a certain number of tracks that aren’t working correctly. In my experience, it seems that any playlist, smart or regular doesn’t work. That would be a nice feature however (smart or otherwise) they should implement.

To add to the running dialogue, I have been able to download playlists on an individual device using “download all” in the playlists on the device and it seems to sync if I add songs back on my main imac.  My frustration is if it I want to remove the local copies of the songs/playlist from the actual device but still have access to the cloud version.  It seems like if one does that, you have to de-activate match to “wipe” things and start over.  Unlike with itunes you can’t just check/uncheck a playlist and sync.

The only way I can get my 256 playlists to sync on my 3GS phone is to turn iTunes match off on phone & sync with iMac. When I sync I go to music tab to make sure all playlists have check marks next to them. When sync is done all playlists are on phone. If I now turn iPhone match on phone again & re sync or charge phone play lists are gone again so as of now I just do not enable iTunes match on phone anymore.

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