The iPad 3 Will Be Slightly Thicker Than The iPad 2 And Have A Better Display

According to a report on iLounge, Apple’s next iPad will be slightly thicker in order to accommodate the necessary parts for a higher resolution display.

iLounge’s source didn’t mention if the higher resolution display would be a true Retina Display like the iPhone’s, but we do believe that the display will get a slight boost.

One thing that does sound odd: It sounds very un-Apple for the company to increase the thickness of a next-gen product just to give it a better screen.

iLounge has a few other juicy rumors too. Apple has plans to release a redesigned iPhone with a 4-inch screen in Summer 2012. It’ll have an aluminum casing, but not the “teardrop” shape we’ve been hearing about.

Apple’s suppliers have orders for 3 million iPad 3 panels, Rebecca Kuo and Yenting Chen at DigiTimes report.

They’ve already shipped one million panels, and are expected to ship another two million in November.

According to DigiTimes’ sources, Apple is expected to start production of the iPad 3 in January.

Apple is also reportedly looking at screens that are 7.85 inches. It’s unclear if Apple would actually offer a smaller iPad or not.

From businessinsider