Blu-ray DVD Copy, Copying Blu ray disc to DVD-9, DVD-5

Blu-ray DVD Copy

Blu-ray DVD Copy

Price: $34.95

AinSoft Blu-ray DVD Copy

Copying Blu-ray disc to ordinery DVDs like DVD-9, DVD-5 with Blu-ray DVD Copy. The DVD vdieo copied will maintain high definition as same as the original Blu-ray movies. And more, you can also burn the DVD that you copied from Blu-ray disc and share it with your friends.

You don’t worry about that it is difficult to operate and master it beacause that it has simpleand easy-to-use interface. Except the main function that Blu-ray DVD Copy copys Blu-ray to ordinery DVDs, it has many additional and personalized functions.Its subtitles and audio tracks are selectable so that you can choose proper subtitles and sound track according to satisfy your needs.

Blu-ray DVD Copy      Blu-ray DVD Copy

The title of Blu-ray movies are also securable and it will keep the integrality and continuity of movies. Most important, it can copy the Blu-ray movies directly and you don’t need to achieve the copy function by a third party software.It saves a cost for you! You could also cut the Blu-ray movies to copy by its cutting function and shut your PC automatically after copying

Key Features

Support copy of single DVD Burner
If you only have one Blu-ray burner, you can copy the Blu-ray files to Hard disk at 1:1 ratio with the help of Blu-ray DVD Copy, then burn the files to target Blu-ray disc from your Hard disc without any loss of quality.
Support disc-to-disc burn
Blu-ray DVD Copycan get you disc to disc burn if you have two Blu-ray burners, and the copy rate is much faster than carrying out a single burner copy.
Other functions
Blu-ray DVD Copy support all popular Blu-ray burners. It can not only identify the model of Blu-ray burner automatically, but also automatically analysis and show you remnant space of Hard disc, and it will popup a message if there is not enough space on hard disc.
You can use it to backup your Blu-ray movies easily.
Software requirements:
Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP
Hardware requirements:
 Blu-Ray player

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