DJ Mixer 3 Professional for Mac, VJ/DJ software

DJ Mixer 3 Professional for Mac

Price: $149.95

DJ Mixer 3 Professional for Mac

This DJ Mixer 3 Professional for Mac has been developed mainly for professionals, to use and experiment advanced DJ techniques. whether you’re mixing audio, music, video, or even karaoke files DJ Mixer 3 Pro gives you full control over your media allowing you to release your creativity to make every mix differents.

Note: Windows version is also available, get DJ Mixer 3 Pro for Windows here.


Key Features

DJ Mixer 3 Professional for Mac is the most powerful and versatile VJ/DJ software that gets you mixing straight out the box. this version boasts 4 DJ decks with professional grade mixer and playlists.
DJ Mixer 3 Pro includes all the professional features a real DJ needs. such as one-click beat matching and synchronization, seamless and beat-aware LOOP functionality, 4 DJ deck, automatic tempo and beat detection, real-time Sampler, VST effects, Vinyl simulation, high-quality time-stretching, Karaoke CDG+MP3 and/or ZIP support, MIDI and HID controllers support, MIDI learn, Seamless iTunes integration and much more.
Best of all, DJ Mixer 3 Professional has an intuitive interface, closely resembling a real-world mixing board, that makes it easy to set and save multiple loops and cue points in a track. Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
Software requirements:
Mac OS X
Hardware requirements:
MAC OS X 10.4 and higher operating system; Soundcard

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