Favortools WinCastle, Reboot and Restore Software

Favortools WinCastle

Favortools WinCastle

Price: $25.50

Favortools WinCastle

Favortools WinCastle is one Windows reboot and restore software, which restores your computer automatically to the “castled” configurations on restart, in the process removing all the unwanted changes and system or applications failures, so as to keep your computer running 100% and decrease greatly the downtime and maintenance expense.

Favortools WinCastle      Favortools WinCastle

Key Features

Restore on Restart. Restore your computer to the “castled” configurations on restart to remove any unwanted or unwelcome changes made to your system, including virus infections, adware, Internet history, unwanted programs installations, IE corruption and so on.

Instant Recovery. Takes only seconds to recover protected partitions to the frozen configurations in case of system or applications failures; you do not need to wait many minutes or even hours.

Automatic System Restore. Set scheduled task to restore the workstations automatically on each restart without human participation.

Bulletproof Public Access Computers. Restore on reboot feature is indispensable for public access computers like school labs, library, Internet cafes and training centers to keep the workstations running 100%. Suitable too for home users, companies, governments to keep their workstations trouble-free.

Decrease System Downtime and Maintenance Expense. Minimize your system downtime and keep your workstations always clean and running, effectively decrease your IT maintenance expenses.

Software requirements:
Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP
Hardware requirements:
RAM:256MB; CD-ROM is required in case you install from the CD.

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