Fishing Screensaver, Simulator of fishing

Fishing Screensaver

Fishing Screensaver

Price: $3.05

Fishing Screensaver

Screensaver theme “On shore”. Diverse photorealistic nature: woodland scenery, mountains and even alien landscapes. Perfectly animated water swashes tenderly right on your screen. 15 types of birds singing will add to realism and allow you to enjoy properly the wonderful sights of the untouched nature of our wonderful planet.

Fishing Screensaver      Fishing Screensaver

Imagine, that in a blink, your transfer to the magnificent forest and rest on the bank of the picturesque river to the sound of birds singing and water splash. In this screensaver 50 localities are collected from 15 different counties plus 3 localities of ALIEN CIVILIZATION! Purchasing this screensaver-set you receive not just one, but 10 screensaver in the total! You also get the opportunity to load and set up 40 additional localities FOR FREE!

Key Features

You can fish in different parts of the world, different reservoirs.
In a new version of the game you can fish even on Mars!
Altogether in the game envisaged 50 different places, suitable for excellent bite.
Photorealistic nature.
Live water.
You can catch any kind of fish.
Simple system of improvements will not force you to make a detailed selection of tackle.
Melodious relaxing music.
All the music is recommended with the leading psychiatrists.
Statistics in internet.
Internet competitions. Only at our fishing you can compete with other fishermen in facilities.
Software requirements:
Hardware requirements:
Processor: 600 Mhz; Video: Accelerator 32 Mb; RAM: 64 Mb

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